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About Dancepants Birthday Parties
We roll out the red carpet to host a party full of dancing, games, prizes, lights and more! With disco lights, optional bubble or fog machines and their favourite music, the party atmosphere is created right from the start. A Professional Host on a hands free microphone also helps to create a special ‘Show Feel’ to the party. We play lots of games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, the limbo, singing on the microphones along with many other games we have created ourselves and most of which revolve around dancing! We modify our programme to be age appropriate so that we are able to cater for children aged from 0-14 years. Each child receives at least one prize and lolly on the day and stickers and stamps are also given out. As a bonus surprise, we do coloured hairspray on the children.The birthday child is also presented with a certificate and a gift. We want everyone to walk out of a Dancepants party feeling great about them selves – especially the Birthday person!

About our Dancepants School Parties
We conduct shows for School Discos, Christmas Parties, Fetes, end of year Graduations and any special event that may come up! A Host along with an Assistant will come to your venue and set up all of the equipment and ensure that the children all get involved and have a wonderful time dancing and playing some games that are suitable for a larger group. We are experienced in School parties with any number of children from 10 to 300!